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dohertydylanc [at] gmail [dot] com

Areas of Specialization

History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of History

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Environmental Ethics


Ph.D., Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology

Washington University in St. Louis, Expected 2023

M.A., Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology

Washington University in St. Louis, 2017

B.A., Philosophy

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2013

Professional Experience

Time Analyst

Charter County of Wayne, May 2022 – Present

  • Prepare, maintain, and review various important personnel records and reports.
  • Data entry of all cost accounting information.
  • Handle field contacts with employees to verify and give information concerning timekeeping and other personnel matters.
  • Prepare and verify payroll for submission.
  • Enter personnel records in the computer system via PeopleSoft

Doctoral Candidate

Washington University in St. Louis, Aug. 2014 – Present

  • Conduct comprehensive research regarding current literature on the philosophy of biology and history.
  • Focus on assessing current understandings of Stephen Jay Gould’s work on historical contingency.
  • Coordinate literature reviews with content management system Zotero, write articles to present at academic conferences, and critique colleague’s work to identify presentation best practices.
  • Lead the development of syllabi to guide students in meeting the required objectives for each course.
  • Facilitate both group and one-on-one tutoring to provide additional, targeted support and address specific student problems, in addition to gathering feedback to improve course instruction.
  • Evaluate examinations and papers and provide direct feedback to students to identify problem areas.
  • Maintain thorough records of all grades and attendance using Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets.
  • Administer lectures and facilitate discussion in the classroom to further develop students’ understanding of core concepts and arguments covered in courses such as Environmental Ethics, Contemporary Moral Problems, Epistemology, and Introductory Logic.
  • Generate homework assignments, quizzes, and essays assignments to evaluate student performance.
  • Hold regular office hours to address specific student problems and provide additional instruction.
  • Create and maintain a Blackboard site in order to keep students up-to-date on all readings, assignments, and changes to the syllabus or deadlines.


Turning Points: The Role of Counterfactuals in Structuring Historical Narratives

American Philosophical Association (Central), 2019

Comments on Daniel Burnston’s “There is no Diachronic Cognitive Penetration”

American Philosophical Association (Pacific), 2017

Comments on T. Raja Rosenhagen’s “Seeing As and Seeing That”

Central States Philosophical Association, 2015

The Explanatory Vices of the Hypothesis of Extended Memory and Belief

Society for Exact Philosophy, 2014